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Common Interior Painting Mistakes When Doing It Yourself

Home remodeling projects are fun, especially when you get to do them yourself. They are an excellent opportunity to spend more time around your family and bring your dream home into shape. For many homeowners, paint jobs are the most popular. Unfortunately, there are several amateur mistakes we tend to make that may spoil the whole project. This blog post lists DIYers’ common interior painting errors and tells you how to avoid them.

Using the wrong paint

The wrong choice of paint is a common mistake for many first-time DIYers. Most go to their local paint shop and buy whatever is available for the lowest price. The problem with this approach is that you are most likely not using the right kind of paint for your job, which results in poor performance or even peeling paint down the line.

Not using a primer

Primers are the best way to ensure your next paint job will last long. They improve the look of your walls and make it easier to apply another coat on top, especially if you don’t use high-quality paint. If you want the best results on your wall, you can’t ignore using a primer before the new paint job.

Thick coats of paint

Too much paint is a significant issue for amateur painters not familiar with the art of painting. Most primers require two to three thin layers, while gloss paints may need up to four or five coats for full opacity on your walls. Applying too thick of a coat will take much longer to dry, leading to splotches or other accidents.

Using cheap paint rollers

Roller-painting is a tricky process that requires experience and using the appropriate tools. Cheap rollers tend not to hold enough paint for your job, making it harder for you to cover every spot on your wall. They are also more likely to leave various undesirable marks on your walls, which may look very unsightly later down the line.

Not painting enough coats

This is another common mistake many homeowners make, especially when they are using low-quality paint. The problem with this is that your walls will look blotchy and uneven once again. To avoid this, you need to apply at least two coats of the same color for full opacity on your walls.

Not sealing your walls before you start painting

It is best to use a special primer when painting your walls. However, you need to seal the surface with oil or wax before applying any oil-based paint on top of it for full adhesion and opacity. This will also prevent potential damage in the future if water gets through cracks and chips in your wall.

Painting over a stain instead of removing it first

It’s easy to make the mistake of simply covering over stains and marks on your walls with paint without removing them first, but this will only lead to problems down the line. These spots may bleed through the top layer of paint later on and mess up the finishing.

Forgetting painter’s tape in areas, you don’t want to be painted

This is another common mistake among beginners. When you are painting your walls, it’s best to apply painter’s tape around the edges of your room where you do not want the new paint to go through. This keeps you from creating a mess you’ll have to undo. It is also a sure way of spoiling the whole paint job. Skipping this risks the paint getting onto areas other than what was intended for coverage.

Using the wrong type of brush for the paint job

When it comes to brushes, there are many varieties on the market for interior painting. Make sure you use the right kind of brush depending on your needs. For example, if you need a heavy-duty coverage job, choose a roller or angled paintbrush instead of going with a fan type.

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Not testing the color before painting

If you are going with a bolder choice of paint color for your walls, make sure to test out the paint samples first on a hidden spot to see how the paint interacts with your room’s lighting. For example, if there is too much contrast between colors in certain areas due to poor light conditions, you will end up with unsightly results.

Painting in unsuitable conditions

If the weather conditions are too hot, your paint may dry off much faster than usual. If this happens, you’ll have to adjust how long it takes for each fresh coat to be applied on top of one another. The same is true if a lot is going on in your living room, more so when there are too many people around. Any disruptions may cause you to do a shoddy job of painting, which will have to be redone later on.

What can I do to avoid DIY painting mistakes?

Before you undertake your first interior painting project, it would help to get familiar with painting as an art. Read books about painting and watch video tutorials online to understand the common pitfalls to avoid. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you’re doing it yourself and make adjustments along the way. Alternatively, you can find an experienced friend or skilled neighbor to give you pointers on the Do’s and Don’ts of painting to help you avoid any errors.

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Common Interior Painting Mistakes When Doing It Yourself

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