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How to Choose the Right Color for Each Room

Add New Energy to Your Existing Space

Very few things can update the look of your home as easily as a fresh coat of paint. There are countless color combinations available, so how do you choose your new color scheme? This list gives you useful advice for determining shades work well for the different spaces in your home, and why. Once you’ve select the right color for each room, give Sound Renovation, Inc. a call for your jobs that involve interior painting in Redmond.

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A More Restful and Serene Bedroom

You sleep better in your bedroom if you use that space only for sleeping and resting. You also set a more relaxing atmosphere if you color and decorate it in peaceful tones. Blue and turquoise are “cool”. calming shades. Stay away from oranges, reds and yellows in any space where you plan on relaxing, as these are stimulating “hot” shades. Looking at cooler shades can slow your heart rate, which makes it easier for you to nod off at night.

Sunny Kitchens and Bathrooms

You start your day in the restroom, and you can spend a lot of time working in the kitchen. Yellow and orange are bright and optimistic shades that stimulate your mind and body. THey’re ideal for setting up in any space where you need to focus and be active. In an office or other space where you have to exercise your mind more than your body, a shade of green can put you into a thoughtful mood without becoming overly relaxed.

Passionate Reds for Community Areas

Did you know that there’s a reason why high-end restaurants are fond of red plates? The color red stimulates your appetite, and it leaves you with the feeling that your food was delicious. Red is a fantastic option for dining rooms, living rooms or anywhere else that you gather and eat with friends and family. Just a simple crimson wall can make your meals seem tastier, and from there your social events become more enjoyable. Conversely, avoid blue in areas where people eat, as those shades can actually be an appetite suppressant.

Don’t Forget the Accent Colors

In order to keep a single color from dominating a room and to add a visual break, choose one wall of your room to be a different color than the other three. A very common accent wall choice is white, which has the effect of creating a more open look. Your smaller areas seem larger when they have a white wall, and white pairs well with every other shade. For a dramatic appearance, opt for a black accent wall. Black can be tricky to pull off, but when done right it adds gravitas to a space. It’s easiest to pair black with three white walls, but it also harmonizes with shades of red and blue.

If you want a more complementary look, use a gray version of your main color as the accent wall. You can also keep the three main sides white and have a very bold or vibrant accent to create a striking visual “pop.” Whatever you choose, Sound Renovation, Inc, is available to give your projects the professional touch that they deserve.

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How to Choose the Right Color for Each Room

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