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Our Response to COVID-19

Just like most of you, we here at Sound Renovation have been closely following the currently evolving COVID-19 situation here in Washington State and across the United States. We want you to know that we take your health and the health of our staff very seriously. Therefore, we have implemented the following changes to our work environments in addition to following all of the CDC-recommended and State-ordered response guidelines: 

  • We are only working in teams of two in order to limit our team’s exposure to other people.
  • We are carefully disinfecting all door handles and any other frequently-touched surfaces before and after we use them at job sites in order to protect both our employees and our clients.
  • We are not starting any new projects inside any homes or spaces that are currently occupied. Instead, we are focused on finishing up current projects. 
  • We will be focused mostly on exterior work, including exterior washes with bleach solutions. However, we can work in unoccupied spaces and may be able to work in some spaces in which we can create a plastic barrier between the construction area and the home with separate points of entry so that our employees never come into contact with the space the family is in. 
  • As the COVID-19 situation here in Washington State progresses, we will be adapting our business as necessary. 

As this situation unfolds and we wait for specific directives from Governor Jay Inslee’s office, we are operating under the assumption that Washington will follow California, New York, and Illinois’s precedent and continue to allow construction amid the shelter-in-place orders. 

At this time, we encourage all of our clients to follow CDC-recommended and state-ordered guidelines concerning the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Stay home as much as possible and limit your exposure to other people. More information can be found here.


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Our Response to COVID-19

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