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Questions To Ask Your Contractor:

One of the most complex parts of undertaking a remodeling project is finding the right person for the job. With so many service providers to choose from, it will take a fair share of due diligence to land the right contractor. A vetting session with your potential hires may be an excellent way to make that decision. So, if you’re in the market for a potential remodeling contractor, here are helpful questions you might want to ask.

What is your experience?

Experience is a vital indicator of the level of quality you should expect from your contractor. Ideally, you want an experienced contractor who’s been in the construction industry for a while and has worked on various construction projects. Some good ways to determine their experience are reviewing their portfolio, reviews, and asking for references.

Are you licensed?

In most states, the law requires general contractors to have a contractor’s license before operating as such. A professional service provider should be able to show you valid proof of licensing upon request. This indicates their qualification in the trade and provides a guarantee that your general contractor will do the project to the required market standards. You also want to know that they are familiar with local building code requirements and will handle the building permits.

Do you have a project manager?

A good general contractor will always assign an experienced on-site project manager whose sole responsibility is to remain on the ground and bring the entire project to a satisfactory close. As such, their services are extremely valuable, as they help smooth out disagreements between parties and make sure that everything runs smoothly from the start until finish. Who will be the assigned project manager for your project is definitely something you should always clarify with your contractor.

Do you have insurance?

A remodeling contractor should always carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance and provide proof of coverage upon request. This is especially important for your protection, given that most contractors will be renovating an area surrounded by physical risks. Note that a remodeling project involves the use of heavy machinery, so injuries are always a risk. The last thing you want is to be held liable in the event of any unfortunate incidences.

What is your estimated timeframe to complete my project? 

Any reputable contractor should include an estimate for both time frame and budget, so this will be one area where you can determine if the contractor’s quote is reasonable. The contract should include a specific start and end date, as well as how much you’ll be paying throughout that period. Be sure to read it thoroughly before signing anything. A good rule of thumb is not to work with anyone who can’t provide an estimated timeframe and budget for your project. It’s also important to understand that a specific time isn’t always provided, as project timeframes can alter due to certain circumstances. It’s something that your contractor should be clear about.

Will you subcontract any of the work?

Often, contractors will subcontract some parts of your project to other service providers. If your contractor is planning to sub-contract any part of your project, they should make it clear to you before having you sign any contracts. If your contractor doesn’t mention this, make sure to clarify. Also, if you prefer to use a specific trade or service provider, make sure your remodeling contractor is willing and able to accommodate you.

What will be the total cost for my project?

A professional service provider should always provide a detailed quote in writing with all costs upfront before beginning your project. Any good contractor knows this is standard practice in their industry; therefore, they should have no problem providing you with one. They should be able to explain all aspects of their quote.

What is the payment schedule?

Your remodeling contract should include a precise payment plan with agreed-upon due dates. Paying in installments is also common with many contractors, so you should have no problem getting the payment schedule that works best for your needs. Ideally, you should never pay the whole amount upfront. Different contractors will have different policies, and it’s definitely something that should be discussed before the project is started.

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Will you update me on the project’s progress?

A good contractor will always keep you up to date with the progress of your project. This is especially important for you to address any concerns or issues as they come and before things get out of hand. For example, there might be a disagreement between parties on the handling of the project, which could lead to an unnecessary delay. If your contractor is unwilling to communicate with you constantly, you might easily find yourself on a collision course.

Are you currently working on other projects?

If you hire someone to remodel your home, you want to know that they’ll dedicate enough time and effort to your project. This is why you should ask your contractor how open their schedule is. It will give you an idea of how committed they will be to your work and help avoid future delays and misunderstandings. If they are too busy with multiple projects, you might want to hire someone else unless you are willing to wait.

What guarantees do you offer?

A good professional will always stand by their work and offer some guarantee. This should be laid out in your contract, so be sure to ask for it during the bidding process or negotiation. Most contractors will usually provide a warranty against both materials and labor; however, some only do one and not the other.

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Questions To Ask Your Contractor:

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